What is Contract Grading?

This class uses contract grading, which differs from holistic grading which you are probably familiar with.

Instead of grading each assignment on a rubric, I assign semester grades based on the total amount of work you did over the semester. The more work you do, the higher the grade.

Contract grading is based on the theory that the more you work, the more you improve. Contract grading thus values effort and labor over subjective ideas of quality.

I’ll assign you a semester grade based on the quantity NOT the quality of your work.

As long as you do all the work, you’ll earn the grade you have contracted for.

Some students, however, might not put in maximum effort without the threat of a bad grade. Therefore each assignment will be assessed on a pass / fail basis. If it passes, it will count toward the contract. If it fails, it will not.

To pass each assignment, the work must:

  • Be on time
  • Meet the minimum word count
  • Be original work
  • Follow the assignment prompt
  • Respond to your chosen assignment goals (see Assignment sheets)
  • Respond to previous feedback (If applicable)

If it misses any of these points, it won’t count. Otherwise, it counts!